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M le maudit

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M le maudit

Message par Rudama le Ven 31 Déc - 3:13

A regarder absolument, pour ceux qui veulent comprendre l'utilité de la justice :

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Re: M le maudit

Message par xzjing le Mer 1 Aoû - 14:52

Global jeans Xintang the decline

In fact, this is a mess.

One day in April last year, Zhi-Xiang Li (pseudonym), standing in a dilapidated, messy houses, watching the two turner and a dozen second-hand sewing machine, when suddenly aware of the problem.

This is a year ago from his friend A into taking over denim garment factory assets. A into operation less than six months, capital Zhouzhuanbukai, intends to demobilize dozens of workers, and then closed.

LI Zhi-Xiang initially very hesitant, his only experience in the garment industry 10 years ago by the relationship of uncle in a garment factory when the three months turner. "You put the factory and I have four stalls (sales pitch), then a single can to maintain your business." A into lobbying. LI Zhi-Xiang finally decided to take a chance. But fate and Zhi-Xiang Li joked. Two months later, because the volume of orders has not increased, A into four stalls unsustainable, switched off. Lost more than 20 million.

For Zhi-Xiang Li, it is the beginning of a nightmare. The plant lost all sources of processing orders, rely on interpersonal relationships established industry ecosystem, Zhi-Xiang Li does not have any advantage.

"At that time the head fever, that the future is bright, I did not realize it is a dark If you can imagine that these things happened later, how do I can not go to take over." Zhi-Xiang Li told Global Entrepreneur.

The reason is, Zhi-Xiang Li is not a good time to catch up. Chinese factories to produce cheap goods era is gone forever. Zhi-Xiang Li took over this plant, hidden in the new Town of Guangdong Province by an ordinary four-story dwellings. Each layer more than 100 square meters. Layer has been leased, two three sewing, the highest level clipping and office. Lee's factory is the most valuable assets, two or three sewing machines.

Xintang is truly the world of jeans. Like factory Xintang 5000 annual to production 800000000-1000000000 cowboy clothing, according to the statistics of the China Textile Industry Association, which is equivalent to 60% yield, and contributed 40% of national exports. They are shipped around the world, put on the shelves of the Polo, CK, MUDD and other internationally renowned clothiers.

You are not familiar with this story. Outdoor billboards in the past 20 years, many southern town in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta inadvertently become a global manufacturing base for many products, if you drive the road in a high level of road and street layers will continue to remind you have to where: lamps, buttons, electric drills, shoes ...... there may be many products you had never heard of. Michael Porter's "Competitive Advantage of Nations," a book, the first-class economists in early 1990 for the first time defined the concept of industrial clusters: a small geographical space, usually in a short time like a magnet attracted to the manufacturer of a product supply chain, which has unparalleled transportation in other decentralized mode of production and procurement of low-cost. However, Porter also warned that external threats (such as technical interruption, changes in consumer demand, etc.) and internal rigid (over-merged form of cartel-like monopoly, stifle innovation groupthink, etc.) will make it lose its competitiveness.

The Xintang southern town model is to decline - although it will stubbornly This change is called transition. Although it luckily escaped the global economic crisis hit in 2008, raw material costs and labor costs have risen to want to imagine the degree of: cotton yarn prices have doubled, even out of the monthly salary of 5000 yuan of wages is also difficult to recruit full workers. Painful abrasion imperceptible way to destroy the economic security of the southern town.

Xintang a very international style on the street - many of the workshops factory will flag design of its products exporting countries printing on the dilapidated windows, some small factories close to the lay-off and close the door. Overseas orders have been substantially reduced, occasionally fall off of orders almost nobody cares about: processing only every few cents profit for many foundries do not want orders: if quality defective, the final results, and even lose money.

The reality is that alternative Xintang. Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, lower cost, but industry maturity and can not be compared with China. Apparel companies should wake up, because the 'disposable clothing' days are over. "Atkins said," They always want these years to spend a small amount of money to get more profits, plundering the production line in China, industry analysts in Hong Kong, now began to taste the bitter fruit of the.

A way out? Many foundries have to work as domestic - the production of high simulation designer jeans such as Taobao online merchants. Once from the Eastern European countries to grab the title of the next world of jeans manufacturing Xintang, fast become the counterfeit capital of the global jeans.

Old World

From Guangzhou the Xintang Bus Station, the car will be surrounded by motorbike taxi driver. Mo is the major local operators transport most of their back seat covered with denim, this seems to remind you that you have come to the world surrounded by a pair of jeans.

In the Xintang Chamber of Commerce Cham horse impression before the originator of the jeans industry, Xintang only 8 million people around the whole town and only six street of Jiefang Road, Jianshe Road, each less than 10 meters wide. New Town, close to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-traffic arteries, is the metropolitan area of ​​the Canton (state) Buddhism (mountain) and deep (Shenzhen), the intersection of the (East) Wando metropolitan area, State Road 107 through the entire township. And Dongguan to the sea across the East River.

In May 1980, the new Town Government, in cooperation with Hong Kong, Huang Lin, run from the of Xintang first three to fill a business: New Town, a garment factory. Communal enterprise in 1981 for co-operation with the people of Wenbing Liang Qin Chang garment factory. Garment manufacturing washing and bleaching, a boss over there to do in Greater London Village wash the bleach plant. In 1982, New Town, in collaboration with Hong Kong businessmen Eddie Wong organized a Golden Delicious garment factory. Bringing the deep-pocketed, the introduction of a series of advanced equipment, all kinds of sewing machines of more than 430 units, the annual income of HK $ 5.8 million, are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, became famous. This plant later Xintang development of private enterprises laid a talent base.

Since then, the denim garment factory in Xintang four flowering, led the town folder yarn, weaving, spinning, buttons, sewing machines, clothes pin, the rise of the industry, supporting slowly complete. 2002, Xintang China Textile Industry Association, the Association of Chinese clothing (7.24,0.01,0.14%) rated as "China Jeans Town. The most prosperous year 2004 into the first village of the Xintang Dun village on the road, you could barely see the people, men, women and children sitting in front of their own sewing machines hard at labor.

No technical content of the cut thread, for example, each wage of 0.15 yuan to engage in this type of work most of the older women, in the the Xintang alley, often can see the door of those houses on the first floor. stacked a pile of jeans, women sitting on a small stool or simply sitting in jeans heap chat and cut thread. But most of the silent, worried that the chat will be distracted.

Local cowboy processing and manufacturing prosperity, and promote the township infrastructure construction. The township began planning in the early 1990s, State Road 107 is bounded northward. Of barren hills and everywhere, been developed in the demolition of a mountain the sound of rumbling bulldozers and explode. And Chong Hing factory gradually settled in, the birth of a new commercial and industrial areas.

Many people do not know POLO, CK, MUDD brand jeans, once from the Xintang named Chong Hing leading enterprises.

Chong Hing was founded The Wu Huidong is a 20-year-old boy in the Xintang a large garment factory for three months tailor. Later, in the early 1990s that the wave of wave the Xintang universal cowboy processing Story, Wu Huidong led, brothers and sisters a few chip in to buy 18 sets of sewing machines, Fen Shen put the processing industry. His wife sewing skilled, sits by her factory, Wu Huidong is the main external clients expand. Founded four years later, Wu Huidong registered two independent brands: Chong Hing HITWON.

In 2000, Wu saw the spillover effects of China's accession to the WTO, Chong Hing soon received the first internationally renowned brand POLO export OEM single. Prior to this, Xintang cowboy export-oriented, accounting for about 20 percent of the national exports, Chong Hing has been to go the domestic route. POLO boss came to Chong Hing was surprised to say, why not find Chong Hing? The MUDD later also found Chong Hing, they gave the orders, the 5000 factory finish, an annual production of millions is not surprising. Chong Hing was able to even a month out of one million pairs of jeans to the United States.

But gradually, Wu Huidong found overseas orders the cake is not cut, they have almost no bargaining power.levis 501
Chong Hing, executive vice general manager of Lee Eun remember very clearly talk about the price and U.S. customers in 2004, the other processes should be less 1 cent. levis jeans uk
"In the past few cents a few cents in 2004 by sub-talk, we feel unable to do," Lee told the "Global Entrepreneur".

Chong Hing to re-enact the rules of the game. Since then, Chong Hing back to the domestic, to strengthen research and development to create its own brand, to strengthen their bargaining power in the industrial chain. However, the transition also paid a price for that year, Chong Hing reduction of at least 10 workshop, hundreds of workers, accounting for about 1/4 of the size of the factory is the biggest change since the establishment of the Chong Hing.

Precisely because of the transformation as early as Chong Hing escaped the financial crisis of 2008. Its method is not directly export a single by other domestic exporters. Xintang production, fine craftsmanship, high quality jeans, via Wenzhou businessmen to sell at low prices, Eastern Europe is certainly playing us. "Lee said.

Black households

In Xintang, there are a lot of denim garment processing plant without a license without a license, hiding in the streets of residential buildings, LI Zhi-Xiang factory is no exception. Factory profits have been meager, if you go to pay taxes, we can not live. levis commuter jeans
"He said. To some extent, is the factory like this support the operation of the on Xintang whole cowboy downstream industry chain, to solve the employment problem of the hundreds of thousands of foreign population. In most cases, customers do not mind their dealings with the factory black households.

A into four stalls closed, LI Zhi-Xiang of the sources of order completely broken. He vaguely felt that this path is wrong, leaving him desperate, this is a road of no return. Lee can only start frantically looking for work orders. Can find the orders, the workshop will be able to operate.

The same wild guesses like without a head for more than a month, fortune come to be, May 2 last year, Zhi-Xiang Li encounter elegant. (6.04,0.11,1.85%) in the Pacific Industrial Park, met a manager, "you have much ability I will give you a lot of orders." The latter said. Zhi-Xiang Li for the first time only took 400 single. The factory to help Metersbonwe, seven wolves (24.06,0.56,2.38%) processing.

Later, every single thousands of orders a steady stream of arrival, but the LI Zhi-Xiang did not seize the opportunity. No experience, take the yarn, defective fabrics are made of the finished product, the results of the rework rate, taken tens of thousands of dollars of the purchase price. Busy for a whole year, accounting this is a clear record of his liabilities. "Do it again down a blind alley." He later realized that, rather than wait for people to order processing, a pair of pants by a few cents by a few cents to make, it has no bargaining power, as their orders, a minimum profit of the many links.

Began in September last year, he started into the distribution model orders from the selection of fabrics, sewing, washing, packaging and train services, not just to help people processing. One night, three 30-year-old young man from top to bottom, a nail full flash diamond ladies jeans tile down the board. One of the male front Zhi-Xiang Li said, "you help me processing the two models, each about 200 drill you do not control. 5 dollars, do not do?"

Zhi-Xiang Li over and over again to look at, whispered a few words. While, three young people go. 5 dollarslevis 501 jeans
how to do a make a few cents, the amount is okay, then hundreds, I eat a brace of ah? "Lee made a few complaints.

Guo Li (a pseudonym) is a partner of LI Zhi-Xiang, originally a trading company in Shanghai to work, they know each other in business dealings, because He is good at the business end of last year, Zhi-Xiang Li invited him to Xintang with operating a factory.

Wenzhou, the distribution area of ​​the Yangtze River Delta area is also manufacturing and other labor-intensive enterprises, clothing, its a. But late last year, Kuo Li spent a month in Xintang, he decided to abandon Shanghai fought Xintang.

The 24-year-old boy is very thin on the left hand with a needle on the "love", "dragon" tattoo, and Yingtou pattern. He likes to wear a black shirt and reddish gray silver trousers, dressed up very mature. "I want to talk about the price often with the client, wearing too casual is not convincing." Guo said.

His QQ signature into ambition, he not only wanted to sell the ring, would like to get involved in upstream production. Xintang compared with Shanghai has a unique advantage in the field of denim garments - perfect industrial chain matching. From the plant is located 10 meters from residential areas, is the embroidery factory, specializing in the packaging stalls, only 20 meters across the alley. From their factories, driving without one minutes east have a special jeans pattern company, west sinks too Zhong Road, Youyi Road, and several articles devoted to selling fabric of the road, bringing together hundreds of fabric stalls. If you buy buttons, wire and other accessories, to focus Dongkeng the near Sanheng just 5 minutes drive. There, you can find the buttons you want. Only drive away the wash water in the West Island.

But 30 years ago, all this does not exist. The Xintang first private denim garment factory established when purchasing fabric to Shanghai, Shandong - any where to find shopping malls selling cloth. Accessories even need to buy come from Hong Kong to buy buttons, but also drove to the whole of the PRD to find. Bleaching and dyeing the most formal plant, only to find a rural brick grinding, surface treatment. Manual mixing of the soil in around 1980 to maintain for two years.

In addition to the cotton produced in Xintang can not Xintang Jeans industries involving more than 30 industries, the formation of spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing, printing, clothing, washing, dyeing, shrink-proof, such as improving production systems, is the country The most complete industrial chain, the largest annual production grade of the product family is the most complete OEM production and export of the largest denim garment cluster base. Today, fabric factory which is relatively large, open Xinchang King honor. With pulp plant Sui Xin, Lai Cheong production, sales of zippers, metal, plastic buttons, leather card and other garment accessories factory. The factory opened in the new Town suburbs, generally set up stalls in the urban area.

In this town, more than 60 percent of the population around the jeans this industrial chain. Before the development of the denim industry, the the Xintang only 80,000 of the local population, after 30 years of industrial development, the local population expansion in less than three times, has attracted over one million of foreign population.

60 yuan

Open a factory in Xintang, the vast majority of the partnership, two or three people scrape together the tens of thousands of dollars, roof rack of clothes car, rent a plant employed few workers can start. The partner is likely to fellow business contacts know. Zhi-Xiang Li and Guo Li, that is, the fellow had also a business associate. Recognize less than six months for a partnership set up factories to hit it off.

Division of tacit understanding, to pull together. Zhi-Xiang Li is mainly responsible for the management of the factory, Kuo Li drive and taking up to buy fabrics, accessories, and send the pants to wash water and other aspects of work. These two boys, almost do not eat breakfast, lunch and often one or two to eat, dinner onto the eight or nine is not surprising. LI Zhi-Xiang's mother came from Shenzhen last year Xintang, the children help him cook to the workers. LI Zhi-Xiang sometimes with their dinner, and occasionally go out eating.

After dinner, they continue to return to factory work, sometimes stare goods, do not need to shop when they are in the office internet to find customers. Zhi-Xiang Li said, after a lot of factories no single fifty-one summer goods to a finished, the workers have nothing to do. But he found on Taobao, the seller is a lot of potential customers. They will have a steady stream of orders.

In the factory office on the fourth floor inside a length of 2 m × 1 m wide desk, piled high above affixed CK, LEVIS, LEE, ONLY, G-STAR, D & G and other brands of pants. These are the help Taobao customers to do a model for the industry as a high imitation pants. Zhi-Xiang Li said, their pants in imitation quality is quite good, the cost must be more than 60 blocks a. In their view, the cost of thirty two one pair of jeans are rubbish.

Ironically, however, Zhi-Xiang Li and Guo Li never seen these brands genuine pants, they brought samples of imitation. Submitted to the hands of Taobao sellers of those goods, is already two imitations. That afternoon, Guo Li heap in the corner of a bag levis tag to the opposite packaging plant to package.

One day in May, fried more cutting master is gone, a group of fabric waiting downstairs after cutting sewing. Zhi-Xiang Li and Guo force can only do it yourself.

Gestures holding a drawing on the cloth, probably determine the length of each piece of cloth, they began to with Cheb machines cutting fabric. Cut to 17 when both the Sichuan dialect muttered a few words, standing face to face for a long time, hands of chheb machine stopped. A few minutes later, Zhi-Xiang Li holding a calculator pounding. At that time, their fellow walked in, looked at holding a drawing: "Your drawing should not be vertically placed, wasting a lot of fabric should cross over, put the wrong direction."

Kuo Li probably figured, this bundle of 400 cloth, because they cut mismanagement, waste of 60 dollars. Two annoyed.

Last year, the veil of crazy prices, Zhi-Xiang Li initially took over the plant, about one ton to 12000, then all the way up to the Spring Festival this year winds to more than 30,000 yuan. Fabric prices are so expensive, a waste of 60 yuan is not a small problem, not to mention LI Zhi-Xiang plant, cash flow, turnover is very difficult.

Two days, we have this shipment is almost completed to be sent out, waiting for customers to transfer. Just another batch of cargo need to buy the cloth bags, the two accounts totaling only a few thousand dollars. Guo Li a headache to buy the cloth bags, because those stall owners are only willing to sell bundles of the bundle of cloth bags need three or four thousand. Fragmented buy, the price is very difficult to talk down. Guo Li Zhong Road, in the foreign exchange too looking for a few laps and found one to sell the stock of cloth bags with the boss repeated representations, a bite to buy a bundle of cloth bags, spent more than 3000 yuan, priced at 5.4 yuan from 5.5 yuan about / meters. "Anyway, sooner or later, a dime to talk down a bundle of cloth will be able to province is 60 yuan."

But that night, LI Zhi-Xiang go the Dongkeng Sanheng buy the line, after looking through the pockets are enough people 80 dollars.

However, Zhi-Xiang Li has spent the most difficult period, took over the factory one year after the debts incurred in the last year is slowly filled. "But not so fast." He was glad that from the simple generation of processing mode transition, the direction of development to access domestic orders.

Every day in a busy workshop, his one-year-old son will always be channeling channeling to go, whenever his barking Ming miles uproar to always bring people around amused. Zhi-Xiang Li said, can not do the wealthy people trying to do the father of second-generation rich. He half-jokingly said that the goal of this stage, could afford to buy a Land Rover tire.levis 501]]levis 501

Smile Bonjour ,

Pour la compréhention , veuillez vous présentez afin que tous le monde vous souhaite la "BIENVENUE".
Içi la langue Française sera la bienvenue car la plupart des posteurs ne savent lire l' Anglais et moins le Mandarin.


L' admi.


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Re: M le maudit

Message par mike74 le Mer 1 Aoû - 16:21

Apprendre, Comprendre, Créer et Partager.
Learn, Understand, Create and Share.
la connaissance et libre et se partage cela doit rester ainsi !
knowledge sharing and free and it should stay that way!
« Vivre libre ou mourir. À vous de choisir. »
« Live free or die. Make your choice. »
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Re: M le maudit

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